Month: March 2018

Polls on #LokSabha2019 : Satya’s Weblog

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I have created two polls on #LokSabha2019. Both are doing good. One has done very good. Total 877 votes given on one poll. 1. First Poll: Your Opinion!  Mamata Banerjee’s effort could weaken BJP’s chance of winning #LokSabha2019 by which percentage? Options are:A) < 10%B) less than 20%C) less than 40%D) Above 40% — Satya […]

KSE LTD is a Kerala based company which have products in Animal Feed and Milk and Milk Products for human consumption. Kerala Solvent Extractions Ltd, now known as KSE Ltd, is a company that is engaged in the manufacture of Cattle feed, Oil Cake processing, and Dairy products in Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur District, state of Kerala, […]

Recently we came to know about new “religion” which is called Lingayats. It is a new terms for most of us who thought it as Caste in Hindu religion. Many would not have known it as caste too outside Karnataka State. Recently, Congress party in preparation for the next state election as given recognition as […]

8th Theater Olympics are being organized at many places in India this time. Artists from different countries and different locations in India has come to participate in this event. Prem Chand Rashtriya Rangshala, Patna in Bihar is one such place. Today, I went to Patna location. There AALAV (The Calling) was played by Kashmiri people. […]