Month: February 2018

Stock Market loves consistency of a company. For example, Titan Company gained 6 times in profit from 2008 but price has gained 16 times. But a question has arisen seeing few data on screener. EPS has not risen. Net cash flow has risen manifold . Reserve is also very high compared to 2008. Net cash […]

Sugar output is high this year : Satya’s Weblog

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Sugar output in India and outside is high this year. In this case, help from Govt to keep the Sugar price at little high to help Sugar Mills and thus help farmers get all dues may not help much. Came to know about Sugar market status now. Excess Sugar is available in India and on […]

I was looking at Gitanjali Gems price over longer term. I see price pattern is very unstable when seen over very long term. Price pattern of PC Jeweller over very long term is looking good: I also see from very long Gitanjali Gems has not been rated by any rating agencies. So, are these indications […]

Sanwaria Consumer is giving Lower Circuit recently. Management has come and declared that it has sold some stake to pare debt. Few are doubtful about it knowing in past SEBI has slapped fine to it for price manipulation. But many has appreciated it for giving bonus and dividend. Those who liked the new gesture has […]

Sugar stocks is lying low after gain in 2016. Sugar has never had good days due to wrong policy of govt. Now, this govt understand that if Mills will have money then they will pay to farmers. So, govt keep price to such level where mills benefits and can pay debt and to farmers as […]

I was trying to check White Organic Agro Ltd. Seeing its numbers, I see no reason not to buy. Why should not I buy this! Growth is strong. Valuation is reasonable. Check White Organic Agro website. It is all about Organic Produce. Recently govt in Budget 2018 has committed to increasing farmers income. I do […]