Month: December 2017

GNA Axles from auto ancillary : Satya’s Weblog

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GNA Axles is from Auto Ancillary space is looking attractive at Rs 407. It is a manufacturer of Automotive Axles, Spindles and Other shafts.It mainly produces rear axle. It got listed in Sept, 2016.Established in 1993. Punjab based company. Our products find applications across on-highway vehicles (LCV, MCV, HCV and buses, among others) and off […]

Very high IQ could be trouble maker in leadership

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When the leaders’ IQ scores rose to 128 or above, the association with less effective leadership methods was clear and statistically significant, the British Psychological Society notes. From this article, I conclude that if leader IQ is too high compared to subordinates then problem of communication gap can come.  

Here is the list of pangram or holoalphabetic sentences that have all alphabets at least once. ●“Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow”: Used by Adobe InDesign to display font samples. (29 letters) ●”Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz”: Similarly, used by Windows XP for some fonts. (31 letters) ●”Pack my box with five […]

Remember China story in Graphite India and HEG recently. Super duper gain for those who understood it. Can same or similar story unfolds here in Paper stocks! China has stopped few pulp factories near coal plants due to pollution. This has resulted in pulp price go up and also higher paper prices in international market. […]

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Lupin Ltd from Pharma space is available at cheap valuation and at three years of consolidation. Lupin is at Rs 814. It was at Rs 3 in 2000 (every one was a child once!). It was at Rs 2100 in October, 2015. So, it has earned money for its investors but from Oct, 2015 is […]

Sanwaria Consumer has said that import duty hike on various edible oil is good for them. What about Poona Dal and Oil? Poona Dal and Oil has low liquidity. This is a concern if you want to invest more than Rs 1-2 Lakh. Food processing business is in limelight these days. India has strong requirement […]

Finland is the land of Santa Claus. Finland declared independence after Russian revolution on 6th Dec, 1917. I was reading article on Finland which was worth sharing to you. Finland is a country where baby-box is given to each pregnant mother. Baby boxes include 53 items including clothes, medical supplies and bedding. The bedding given […]