Month: November 2017

Nov 30, 2017 RuPay is our desi debit card whereas Visa and MasterCard are foreign. We can save transaction charge too. RuPay is cheaper and Indian. Means transaction charge deducted through that will be used here. So, do you think, Govt should issue directive to Bank to use RuPay debit card instead of Visa/MasterCard for […]

List of companies given excellent result this quarter with price when I noted it. Companies in this list is worth further investigation for future investment. Company name Price Rs Keerthi Industries Rs 202 Thangamayil Jew 409 Orient Cement 175 DCM Shriram 539 Meghmani Org 108 Rain Ind 340 HPCL 431 JK Cements 1037 Godphry Phillips […]

The chase is better than the catch

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Nov 20, 2017 Like they say, ‘The chase is better than the catch’, research in neurosciences proves that the anticipation to see our money double is more exciting than the actual act of profit booking. Cognitive Investing is an investment philosophy which requires one to isolate the current market condition from the investor’s time tested […]

Nov 13, 2017 Smartphone market will have new players in the town (India). Flipkart is entering into the budget Smartphone space. Price wise it is budget but it is fully loaded with many cool things. It has dual camera which is not found at this price point. Price is 13,000 and 11,000 minus 1 🙂Difference […]

Smartphone are equipped with two types of special glasses these days. First is very famous – Corning Gorilla Glass and another is Dragontrail glass. These glasses are very hard glasses with high degree of transparency. Finishing is also far better than normal glasses. Because these are scratch resistent so thay don’t get scratched so easily […]

Xiaomi is getting attention like iPhone in larger market of India. This Chinese product has done wonder here. Opposite of how we Indian sees Chinese products. Previous quarter selling of mobile market is very impressive for Xiaomi. Samsung 23% market share in India. Xiaomi was at 22%. This quarter, it may surpass Samsung in India.Here […]

Here is a nice explanation of IPS LCD, Amoled and OLED type of display used on mobile phones these days. You may have listened these terms from others or when you thought of purchasing mobiles. Here you can read it in detail so that these terms can make you more sense then just a kind […]

Nov 6, 2017 Can “Jindal Steel and Power” benefit from this shortage created by SAIL inability? Huge order book is looking at any private player. It can be outside player as Railway has said that Jindal Steel and Power has no experience. I think Railway, just concentrate on quality testing. If we cannot check then […]

Sometime you see off market acquisition by promoters. The number of shares could be huge too. Ever wondered from where those shares came! Transaction is called off Market transaction. An off-market transaction is settled between two parties on mutually agreed terms and the clearing corporation or the stock exchange is not involved. These include legacy […]

A turnaround company. A changing company. Planned expansion. PET. Food. Trading. Dhunseri Petrochem Limited (DPL) was incorporated on 11.5.1916 with the name Dhunseri Tea Co. Ltd. The Company’s first business was cultivation and production of tea at its tea estates in the State of Assam. Later, the Company acquired the Bottle Grade PET Resin business […]