Sanwaria Consumer is giving Lower Circuit recently. Management has come and declared that it has sold some stake to pare debt. Few are doubtful about it knowing in past SEBI has slapped fine to it for price manipulation. But many has appreciated it for giving bonus and dividend. Those who liked the new gesture has […]

Sugar stocks is lying low after gain in 2016. Sugar has never had good days due to wrong policy of govt. Now, this govt understand that if Mills will have money then they will pay to farmers. So, govt keep price to such level where mills benefits and can pay debt and to farmers as […]

I was trying to check White Organic Agro Ltd. Seeing its numbers, I see no reason not to buy. Why should not I buy this! Growth is strong. Valuation is reasonable. Check White Organic Agro website. It is all about Organic Produce. Recently govt in Budget 2018 has committed to increasing farmers income. I do […]

Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is worth looking more. It is a specialty Eye hospital plans to spread throughout India. Result is on 2nd Feb, 2018 for Dec 2017 quarter. Read many news it has generated recently. It has 70+ hospitals in India and overseas. CMP: Rs 756.

DCM Shriram Ltd is into many focus area of government and also into Chlor-Vinyl business which is in focus due to China. About DCM Shriram Ltd: DCM Shriram has manufacturing facilities of Fertiliser, Chloro Vinyl & Cement in Kota (Rajasthan) and of Chlor-Alkali in Bharuch (Gujrat). The company operates coal-based captive power, facilities – in […]

Today, I felt magic in stock market when Optiemus Infracom after just two 5% Lower Circuit has turned into green with 5% UC. From long I am sailing alone on Optiemus Infracom. Today a magic has happened so I am letting you know about it. Hope you would like it. Alone, because no one is […]

Jan 15, 2018 During Dot Com bubble, stock price of Tiscali rose sharply and dropped very sharply. But how sharp? Tiscali – Italian telecommunications company whose share price rose from €46 upon its IPO in November 1999 to €1,197 in four months. The share price then fell to €40 in less than two months and […]

Shervani Industrial Syndicate is into Real Estate, Sugar and Hospitality. It also has biscuit factory. It has long term agreement with Surya Food and Agro Limited for PriyaGold biscuit. Buy Back on Rs 205 recently. After that it has gained. More need to find about this stock. But it may happen that while I will […]

Subsidiaries Vs Associates

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The terms affiliate, associate, and subsidiary refer to the degree of ownership that a parent company holds in another company. In most cases, affiliate and associate are used synonymously to describe a company whose parent only possesses a minority stake in the ownership of the company.However, a subsidiary is a company whose parent is a […]

GNA Axles from auto ancillary : Satya’s Weblog

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GNA Axles is from Auto Ancillary space is looking attractive at Rs 407. It is a manufacturer of Automotive Axles, Spindles and Other shafts.It mainly produces rear axle. It got listed in Sept, 2016.Established in 1993. Punjab based company. Our products find applications across on-highway vehicles (LCV, MCV, HCV and buses, among others) and off […]